History of Tyr

Age of Endless War – (270 years) The elves, humans, and orcs fought for domination of the world. Elves use magic to extend their lives, Orc kingdom is destroyed by human and elf alliance. Orcs and Elves leave Tyr for new homes.

Age of Contention – (4,600 years) The passing of many kingdoms across Tyr including Hekkenrah, Berrastül, and Caff.

Age of Shadows – (135 years) The rule of Noq’Tül over the land now known as Rhodes Proper.

Age of Kingdoms – (850 year) Saal, Balsamo, Minoslava, and Rhodes were all sovereign during this time.

Age of the Golden Empire – (71 years) The rule of Rhodes and the Golden Conquest on the majority of Tyr brings unity to the once separate lands.

Rhodes wages war on Balsamo, blaming the western country for assassinated their royal family. Using the excuse that magic is evil and it must be cleansed, Rhodes attacks Minoslava and Saal. Within five years, the empire of Rhodes has conquered the majority of Tyr. The capital of Balsamo, which mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the war, reappears fifty years later. Speranza becomes a haven for magic users. Rhodes attempts to conquer the city state, but with the aid of the Cascadian Isles and an army of magical constructs, Speranza was able to defend the valley. The war ends in a stalemate. The empire resigns the valley and outlying mountains to the city state.

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History of Tyr

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