Plot Points

Important clues, hints or goals that the party has encountered.

Tauren Valley
The minotaurs were once a powerful culture that spanned the entire Tauren valley, but when they turned away from their patron god, Minos, he cursed them and their capitol city. Now scattered throughout the valley in small tribes, the minotaurs are seen as nothing but monsters. If the party were somehow able to break the curse place upon the minotaurs, the bull-like creatures could be a powerful alley.

Beast Lords
Before Emperor Cassamire placed the Golden Conquest as the one true religion in Rhodes, there were dozens of deities worshipped across the land. The animal pantheon was the most revered of the gods and their lords led their faiths. These Beast Lords were granted control over their patron’s animal and fought to keep the balance in the world. Unfortunately most of the Beast Lords were either killed or went into hiding, but if they could be reunited they could possibly give the party what they need to take down the Emperor, at least that’s what the prophecy said…

Map and Sword
In the vault of Panzergrad, a old satchel contained an stained piece of parchment rapped around an usual looking short sword. The parchment, stained with age, was in fact a map revealing the location of and ancient burial site. Based the marking it has been determined that it is none other than one of the servitors of the Shadow Emperor. Buried somewhere in ancient Rhodic history, the party will have to travel to Rhodes Proper itself to learn more about its unique treasure.

Cloistered within the forested land known as “the Dark Valley,” the dwarves have kept up a strong neutrality between the Empire and the many rebellions that have risen and fallen throughout the last twenty years. Levy, the dwarven refugee, claims that if the party helps to find the lost Queen Dagmar and return her to power, that the dwarves will aid in their quest for freedom.

The Pale King
Disease is common throughout the empire, but within the last century a new affliction has arisen. The bubonic plague has ravaged many towns and cities, but some of the survivors claim that this disease is not natural. Those brave enough to speak it say that it is in fact the vile macanations of the Pale King. It is said that if the Pale King passes through a settlement, the Black Death is soon to arrive. A few decades back the mountain god Heskilus confronted The Lord of Pestilence and the two fought. The god was slain and the Pale King took his fleece as a trophy. If the party can retrieve fleece from the Pale King, then Acacia would be able to revive Heskilus to his former glory.

The Fairy War
Something is brewing in Fae-Ri. Something so powerful that it has doppelgängers pledging allegiance to one of the four fairy courts. How will this affect the mortal realm and what will this mean to the party?

Mount Dromus
Thunder Mountain, as it is called by many of the locals that occupy the land near its base, is a natural wonder. For as long as anyone can remember, there has been a perpetual storm roiling around the mountain’s peak. The grey and blue clouds have kept the land around Mount Dromus in a continual twilight. Some say that beneath the mountain lies the actual tomb of the still living Thunder Bahal, buried there after his epic battle with the young Golding the Golden Conquest. If the party were to release the sleeping god that Bahal might want to seek revenge for his capture on those loyal to his enemy.

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