Clan sword of the Kuroihane

weapon (melee)

This sword appears to be a +2 keen oni bane katana with a blue-tinted blade. However, whenever it is used in battle, its wielder goes berserk (gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of the barbarian’s rage ability). He attacks the nearest creature and continues to fight until unconscious or dead or until no living thing remains within 30 feet. Although many see this sword as a cursed object, others see it as a boon.


As it was taught to all the hatchlings of the Kuroihane tribe, Onikirimaru has been the symbol of their people since the beginning. A long time ago, there was a small village that resided near a lake that was inhabited by a fowl-tempered water oni. The people of the small village lived in terror of the evil creature, fearing to earn its attention and having to pay pennants with a life or a family’s life savings.

After years of this abuse, the village decided they had had enough. They sent word to their daimyo that they needed help to vanquish this terror. Soon enough a young samurai arrived stating he had been sent to protect them. Overjoyed, the villagers told him of their predicament. Without another word, the samurai left for the lake.

Once there, the samurai took a moment to send a prayer of strength to Karasu. With that he called out a challenge to the monster of the lake, demanding that it show itself. WIth a splash, the oni emerged from the lake to take up the young samurai’s challenge. The creature towered over the warrior, standing taller than most buildings, but the samurai was not afraid. The two clashed force, sword and claws striking one another.

The battle went on for hours, with neither giving an inch. With each swing of his sword, though, the samurai grew weaker until after one particularly powerful blow, the young warrior tripped and fell to the ground. Gleeful that it now had the upper hand, the oni pounced on him. Just in time, the samurai drew up his sword and pierced the oni in the heart. In shock and pain, the oni thrashed about. One of its claws struck the samurai across the throat, opening up a wound so large that he would no doubt bleed out before he could return to the village for help.

As the oni die next to him, the young samurai slowly faded out of this world with each slowing pump of his heart. Pleased by his display of honor and courage, Karasu sent a murder of raven to feast on the samurai’s body. As they did, the birds cleansed him of his human form. Once they were done, the samurai stood, revealing his new body. The samurai had been reborn a tengu and the raven which surrounded him became his new tribe.

The sword that had slew the oni had been tainted by the beast’s rage and greed for life. When the samurai withdrew the now blue blade from the creature’s corpse, he felt a flood of power wash over him. At that moment the samurai renamed his sword Onikirimaru. The sword became the symbol of his tengu clan and has been passed down from parent to child for generations only ever being drawn in the most dire of circumstances.


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