Konone's first true love and the father of her child


Age: 155
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 142 lbs.
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green


Raised on Tyr but of a race not of that land, Warren has been an outsider all his life. He was raised by his father who he never speaks of and has seen much of the western coast of the continent. Having lived through the rise of the empire, he holds no loyalty to emperor Cassamire and his Church of the Golden Conquest. Warren made his fortune as a tracker and hunter for the last sixty years and hadn’t opened up to anyone until he met Konone. Self-relient and sometimes self-centered, Warren always keeps to his word.

After meeting Konone, the fate of the two elves became intertwined and along their adventures they had a child who they named Malika. Warren and Konone spent the last twenty years raising their child in solitude on the outskirts of a Valdar settlement. A few months ago, Warren and his family were attacked by Luther Langley and the elf was struck with a magical disease that if not taken care of would quickly consume him. The Valdar took him in and did what they could but there were only one solution to curing Warren of the wasting disease and that was to reawaken the magic within him and turn Warren into a Valdar.

As he and Malika recuperated under their protection, Warren learned much from the Valdar including the arcane arts. Unwilling to completely turn his back on his former life, Warren learned to focus his newfound magic through his trusted musket. Unfortunately, Warren’s time with the Valdar was cut short when a trespasser spirited away Malika while the elf was out. The wounded babysitter recalled to Warren that a figure in a stained white cape and smelling of fire and sea water appeared in the room and knocked her out.

Enraged, Warren went to the Elders accusing them of failing to protect his child. They apologized profusely and granted him magic times to help in he pursuit of his child’s kidnapper. The elven ranger left the Valdar and traveled across the countryside. Just before he caught up with his prey, Warren and Konone were reunited. Konone had been off hunting down Luther Langley and was just returning from his death when she heard about her daughter’s kidnapping. The two quickly found where their enemy was hiding. To their surprise, it was Luther Langley, risen from the grave to see revenge on Konone and her loved ones.

Warren and Konone desperately fought against the undead knight and eventually defeated him and rescued Malika. Konone and Warren have been traveling together ever since, unwilling to let each other out of their sights.


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