Marshal of the dwarven rangers, Keif leads his men with a wide grin and a clever head.


Of average dwarven height, Keif’s dusty blonde hair and beard are what make him stand out amongst his comrades. He is known to almost always have a smile on his face and infects his men and women with confidence and loyalty.


As a second generation dwarf, Keif grew up knowing only the mines. Working hard had been his life and when he left Balsamo in search for a new home that did not change. Keif fought along side Dagmar since the beginning and never once faltered in his loyalty to his best friend and Queen. This was proven when he took a almost lethal blow from a gargoyle that permanently took his eye in order protect Dagmar.

When Dagmar disappeared, Keif’s feigned loyalty to Kilna in order to keep his job and spy on the new queen.


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