Captain Samuel "Black Bone"

Leader of the Blood Pirates and the


When Cassamire and his army invaded Saal, Anastasia and her six older sisters defended the coast. Just as the young emperor was about to kill off all of the priestess sisters, the oldest, Amara, gave herself to the emperor in exchange for her sisters’ lives. He took the priestess but attacked the others anyways.

Amara was taken as Cassamire’s personal concubine and stayed in castle Panzergrad under the watchful eye of his minions. In her first year in captivity Amara gave birth to a boy which she named Samuel. Emperor Cassamire only stayed in Panzergrad for a year before returning to his capital. He left Amara and his son under the care of his second High Priest Adolphus. Just a little after Samuel turned five, his aunt Anastasia attempted to rescue him and his mother. Unfortunately Amara took an arrow in the back that was shot by the High Priest himself. Anastasia and Samuel made it out unscathed and retreated into the bay.

Anastasia tried to raise Samuel, but the body was filled with so much hate for his father, Adolphus, and the empire that he became too difficult to control. When he was fourteen, Samuel stole one of Anastasia’s vessels and left the Erstes Geboren to seek out his revenge his own way.

Over the years the young pirate requited like-minded individuals that had the same thirst for violence that Samuel had. His new crew took to calling him “Black Bone” on account of the black spike-like protrusion that covered his body.

Sometime recently, the red-haired pirate came into possession of strange arcane powers that he did not have before. Some believe that Black Bone has come into possession of a rare and powerful artifact; the Paw of the Monkey King. It is said that the monkey paw can grant any wish its owner asks.

Becomes of these newfound powers, the Blood Pirates have become more brazen with their attacks, raiding any ship they come across. Black Bone has gifted all of his loyal captains with a magical bone dagger, crafted from one of his own spikes, as symbols of their loyalty and his trust in them.

Captain Samuel "Black Bone"

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